Mid-May Check Up

At the beginning of the month, I talked about a few goals I had for myself in May:

  1. Declutter my kitchen cabinets, KonMari-style

  2. Hang the outdoor baby swing (currently sitting in my dining room floor)

  3. Get all of the “decluttered” items out of the house

  4. Read 1 fiction book (no learning, just fun)

I promised a mid-May report, so here it is, albeit a few days late.

1.  Declutter my kitchen cabinets, KonMari-style

Not complete.  Although I did talk to Renaissance Man about it, and he agreed to help me sort through everything.  Since he usually does the dishes and often has trouble putting things away, I think his offer was slightly self-serving.

2.  Hang the outdoor baby swing

Not complete.  Renaissance Man and I keep disagreeing about where to hang the swing.  It was a birthday gift, and I mistakenly thought we had a solid wood beam on the edge of our back porch awning that the swing could hang from.  So I gave my mom the go ahead to purchase said swing.  Turns out I was wrong.  The “beam” is wrapped in plastic, so neither of us is sure what’s under it.  But neither of us have climbed up to investigate it either…

3.  Get all of the “decluttered” items out of the house

Partially complete.  I sold a bunch of baby clothes to a local consignment shop, netting us $50 with little effort.  I also sold our unused cloth diapers (a failed pre-baby decision) on Facebook, although this was a little painful.  The purchaser was almost an hour late to our scheduled meet-up.  But since it was someone I knew from school, I was a little more forgiving.  There’s still a room full of stuff to get rid of though, and I’ve very torn between having a yard sale and just donating everything.  Donation is by far the easier option, but I can’t help thinking about lost payback.

4.  Read 1 fiction book.

Complete!  I had a free copy of the Time Machine by HG Wells on my Nook, and I love reading classics, so I gave this one a shot.  At first, I really did not enjoy the book.  It was boring, and I felt like I was supposed to be reading between the lines for some social commentary.  However toward the end the storyline picked up dramatically, and I couldn’t put it down.  I really want to read a literary analysis of the book and then reread it in the future.

So with only 1.5 goals complete, I’m behind for the month!  Better step up my game this weekend!

Continue the conversation…

What’s your opinion on donating vs. selling unwanted items?  How are you doing on your monthly goals?


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