Portrait of a Young Girl by Angelo Bronzino

A Renaissance Soul is all about my quest to live a fuller life.  In 2016, I decided to stop beating myself up for not having a “passion” or a “life’s work” or “a calling.”  I like a bunch of different things, and that’s ok.

The content here can range from books I’m reading, hobbies I’m currently into, travel, family life, home improvement projects, or mindful rambling, but will probably include quite a bit of personal finance discussion.  To me, financial independence is the ultimate path to living a renaissance life.

Why remain anonymous? Since personal finance is, well, a very personal topic, I’m not comfortable putting my face to my numbers.  Also, since I’m early in my career, it might not be a good idea to advertise to future employers (or my current for that matter) that my goal is to retire from traditional work way before most people do.  Maybe one day we’ll do a big reveal like they do on TV, but not today.

So what can I tell you?  I’m a twenty-something living in the Southeastern United States.  I’ve been married to my husband, let’s call him Renaissance Man, for almost 6 years.  We have a toddler son, whom we’ll call Renaissance Kid.  Our family is completed by two pups.