My First Barter Experience

For years I’ve heard people in the personal financial internet-space talk about bartering.  And for years I’ve said, “Well that won’t work for me.”

I was wrong.

Yep, I said it.  I’m not too proud to admit it.  I was wrong.  This past weekend I had my first barter experience, and it was completely by accident.

During my last grocery store trip I saw ripe bananas marked down, so I scooped up a bunch to make banana bread.   (Renaissance Kid and I can take down an entire loaf in a weekend.  That kid loves anything and everything banana.)  After I finished baking, I snapped an artsy-fartsy photo and shared it on social media.  Because if I don’t post it, did it even happen?  🙂

Image may contain: food

Then something magical happened.  A friend commented, jokingly asking when she could pick hers up.  I teased back to just let me know if she wanted me to make her some.  Then she took me up on the offer!  She asked if I wanted to trade a crocheted piece of my choice!!

Was this really happening?  Someone wanted something I cooked?

I screamed “Deal!” and immediately went to Pinterest.

It didn’t take me long to find this little cutey.  I sent it to my friend, worried it was going to be too much.  (I have a few sewing projects coming up and thought it would be the perfect inspiration to get started on them!)  My friend already had all of the materials to make it and had it whipped up the next day.  When she came over to exchange goods, she said, “Well at first I was just joking, then I thought, why not? I do love banana bread!”

No automatic alt text available.

So all-in-all, how do I feel about my first barter experience?  Honestly I can’t help but feel like I got the better end of the deal. lol

I get extremely nervous cooking for people.  I hate that I can’t always taste the finished product before others do, so there’s a little bit of uncertainty that it didn’t turn out quite right.  Also, “good” food can mean different things to different people.  I badger my husband with a thousand questions after every meal to try to gauge if he really thought it was good or is just being polite.  (Bless him that after 6 years he still eats meals that aren’t so great without saying a word.)  I guess you can say I have the same gold-star tendencies as Mrs. ONL.  

But I’m extremely excited about the door this has opened.  It’s definitely motivation to keep practicing cooking and also look for more opportunities to barter.

And my friend texted me after she got home to tell me how tasty the banana bread was.

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