A Great Friday

Our daycare was closed to celebrate Good Friday, and Renaissance Man took the day off to stay with our toddler while I trudged to work.  About two hours into my day, my phone starts ringing – it’s Renaissance Man wanting to FaceTime.  I answer and see my smiling little boy’s face, swinging in the adult-child swing at one of our local parks.  Renaissance Man told me how they were the only ones at there and the weather was perfect.

He called me again when they left the park, saying our son was so sleepy that he passed out as soon as they pulled out of the parking lot.

A park

A few hours later I met them for lunch.  We sat on the patio and laughed at how messy Renaissance Kid got feeding himself black beans and spitting out the lettuce I tried to get him to eat.

After lunch, the pair went back to the park where Renaissance Kid laid under the playground structure and poked stuff with a stick he found, watching the older kids run by in a blur.

After I got home from work, we finished the night with dinner, about an hour of playing in the backyard, and a walk around our subdivision with the pups.

“Today isn’t just Good Friday,” my husband joked after everyone but us had gone to bed.  “It’s been a great Friday.”

I just smiled.  I can’t wait until every day is “a great Friday.”


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